How To Ace Your Marketing Distribution Game

Ace Your Marketing Distribution
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  • Know where your target audience hangs out
  • Learn about the things which influence your prospect’s decision making
  • Convert these insights into campaign ideas to connect with your audience
  1. Spent time understanding how your buyer makes a decision.
  • Does the decision-making process solely depends on the buyer, or does it also involve other stakeholders?
  • What influences the position of the decision-maker? Chances are their peers, bosses, or friends play an indirect role.
  • What are the driving motivations of your buyer? Know their opinion and interest.
  • Which of your competitors position themselves for a particular niche?
  • How are they marketing to various buyer segments? What content they’re creating to attract buyers.
  • Collect public reviews about your competitors and see where they falter. Learn about the strength and weaknesses.
  • If your buyer is guilty while sharing the problem, keep listening. As chances are, they kept this pain on a backburner for quite some time, and now it blew up. Such customers have a high intent of buying.
  • Ask yourself, is your product a good-to-have or a must-have for these buyers as your positioning depends on it.
  1. User or executioners: People who will directly be working/interacting with your product.
  2. Decision-makers: People who make the buying decision. In some cases, your users will also be decision-makers. However, even they follow a chain of feedback. Understand how the chain of commands works in their world.
  3. Influencers to decision-makers: People who are neither going to be the direct users or take the buying decision but have proper authority over the decision-maker.
  1. Places which you own directly



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Utkarsh Rai

Utkarsh Rai

Utkarsh works at the intersection of Sales, Marketing, and Product teams. He has spent the last 7 years helping SaaS startups to scale. Leads PMM @ Airmeet.